Please note all locations on the map are NOT the pinpoint location of each parish. 

Please do contact each parish for location and mass times

Bishops and Priests

Rev Jeff Grant

Rev Mother Dorothy Klemas (Retired)

Rev Joseph Ciccone

Rev Jonathon Gray

Rev Giuliano Costalunga

Rev Steve Stahley

Rev Barry Frier

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Rev Shaun Little

Rev Zach Stephen-Walter

Rev Al Risdorfer

Rev Stephen Ryan

Rev Frank Cloward

Rev Jose Antonio Valle

 Semi Retired Assisting Bishop 

Little Portion Hermitage 

Rev Edmund Cass


Rev Deacon Jacqueline Ann

Rev Deacon Ronald Bohorques


Mr Edgar Javier Rodriguez 

Diaconal Aspirant 

Minister of Table and Word

 Little Portion Hermitage Greenville

Mr Michael Gabriel

 Diaconal Aspirant 

St Thomas More  Philadelphia