Religious Life

So you want to be a Monk or a Nun?

Some Christians, both lay and ordained, are called to deepen their baptismal vows by taking additional vows and living religious lives of prayer, ministry, and witness to Christ. For most, the vows are poverty, chastity, and obedience; those in the Benedictine tradition take vows of obedience, conversion of life, and stability. Some religious are called to live out their religious life as a member of a religious community; others are called to a solitary religious life.

The Progressive Catholic Church currently has a Franciscan order

A. Communities

Some communities live in residential community, others are members of a community but live alone or with their families. At this time, there are no residential communities in the Progressive Catholic Church. There are a number of different religious traditions with particular charisms, such as the Benedictine, Franciscan, Augustinian, Dominican, Carmelite, Most religious communities are part of such a tradition.

B. Solitary Religious

Some are called to live as solitaries, or hermits, consecrating their lives of service by a life of intense prayer.

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