Most Reverend Barry Frier

Grace and Peace in Christ`s name

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to a fresh expression of Living Catholicism.

The Progressive Catholic Church is rooted in Historic Catholicism through unquestioned lines of Apostolic Succession, the manner in which the Church validates her authority from the Apostolic Order. Though related to the Roman Catholic Church through Valid Apostolic Lines, we are not under the See of Peter, rather, we are governed by our Council of Bishops, You see, the validity of a Church is ascertained by correct succession, not by obedience to the See of Peter.

We speak of a “fresh approach” to living our Catholic Life and seek to provide the Church with a radical manner of living the Gospel Message. We believe that we must become the living bread come down from heaven to feed the world; that we must become the coat of many colors to cloth the world; that we must become the servant of servants to serve the least, lost and forsaken. It is not enough to preach the Gospel, we must live out the Gospel in the most ordinary of circumstances and the most extraordinary each and every day. In order to transform the world, we must first yield to the Holy Spirit and be transformed ourselves.

The Lord provides many opportunities for us each day to enter more deeply into communion with him as we seek out those he has called us to minister to. Some are called to great acts of mercy abounding in grace, but, for most of us, we are called to sanctify the moment by making present the Holy Spirit and grace and seeing that moment as a “God-Moment” when heaven and earth unite in the presence of Creator.

Most Reverend Dr. Barry Frier D.D

Progressive Catholic Church