Question:  Can women be priests in the PCC?

Answer:     Yes the PCC actively encourages women to follow a call from God.

Question:  Can PCC priests be married?

Answer:    Yes our clergy can be married, divorced, single, in a relationship, male or female, straight or lgbtq+, old or young. We even welcome women to be Bishops. 

Question:  Is there an age limit for becoming a priest in the PCC?

Answer:    the minimum age is 18 years of age to start training for the priesthood.

Question: What training is required?

Answer: Once you have spoken to your local Bishop, they will decide what level of training is required and suggest courses and seminaries.

Question: Are PCC clergy paid?

Answer: No all clergy including Bishops are voluntary, most have secular jobs.

Question: How do I find my nearest PCC parish?

Answer: You can find all our parishes on our  A Church Near You page.