Reopening PCC Parishes Procedures

On this page you will find our reopening procedures for PCC parishes


After review of the new guidance offered by the CDC pertaining to mitigation efforts and public health, the PCC releases the following updates to the directives for in-person public worship:

1. Mass may resume being celebrated in the usual way with the exception of physical contact during the Sign of Peace.

2. The faithful (at least for the time being) must CONTINUE the practice of mask-wearing inside the church, whether individuals are vaccinated or not until the target percentage of persons in the state where the Mass is celebrated are vaccinated.

3. The priest-celebrant may remove his/or her mask when able to keep a 10ft distance from non-vaccinated clergy and any member of the faithful but must continue to wear the mask to retrieve the oblations and to distribute Holy Communion.

4. Churches no longer need to be marked for distancing, however the faithful are still encouraged to observe distancing wherever possible.

5. Communion continues to be encouraged to be taken in the hand as opposed to on the tongue and is offered only under one species unless individual pre-filled cups are used.

Thank you for your continued commitment to the safety of others.